Employees of MoD of Georgia accusing current heads in nepotism and illegal actions



As the Defense Ministry officials said, there is a hard situation within the Ministry because of nepotism, vacancy and competition frauds.


According to the Beka Kiria’s account – Senior Specialist at Defence Policy and Planning Department, “there are several schemes of illegal appointments within the ministry.”

 By his explanation, competition is falsified by applying the first scheme and candidates are appointed aside the real competition only by the “magic interview”. In addition, by applying the second scheme already illegally appointed candidates are promoted.
 According to the Kiria’s statement, during the Khidashasheli ministership by practicing these illegal schemes there were no transparent competitions and candidates appointed respectively on a low and high level managerial roles.
 Kirisia stressed on the fact that there is an illegal offence against him based of the false allegations.
 Mariam Takaishvili head of Section on communication with NATO and International Organisations speaks about the existing pressure within the ministry on employees.
“I am absolutely perturbed by the illegality and unequal treatment of civil servants throughout this past year, taken place exactly during the Ministership of Tina Khidasheli. I have to mention that the team brought by Khidasheli, all of three deputy ministers, currently two of them, are not professionals in defence and security sphere, they have, I would say, suspicious background of working in Non-governmental sector and judiciary.
On managerial level staff appointed illegally based on nepotism, cronyism, fraud of qualification requirements, not having any working  experience on managerial levels.
This is the systemic offence and crime, as the ministry does not ensure the proper management of resources, the number of staff inflated, structures, staff registers, departmental regulations are in this case, adjusted to the narrow interests of concrete people, concrete political party.
The whole resources of Strategic Communications for the past year has been spent on PR and promotion of the leadership of the Ministry, their teammates, “republicans”, persons under their protection.
Also I should say that I, as a civil servant had occasions when my dignity and personality was undermined. Specifically, there have been cases of breaching ethical rules against civil servants, publicly insulting them, showing the whole negligence of simple management rules.
 Concretely, my head of department has exposed a total managerial failure and insulted me publicly couple of times, what I cannot ignore,” – stated Takaishvili at “Pirveli Press club”.
 According to the employees of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia, management of the Ministry and employees by implying Soviet methods must be topped.
 They are addressing to investigative offices, diplomatic corps and society representatives to pay attention on the existing unhealthy situation within the Ministry.
Source: PIA.GE